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This ASUGA innovative helmet dryer with ionizer meets the needs not only...
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This ASUGA innovative helmet dryer with ionizer meets the needs not only of professional drivers but of all lovers of driving. It is a unique solution that helps quickly dry an helmet.

ASUGA's operation is incredibly simple but effective, in fact it use an high performance fan to conveying a huge amount of aiflow on the helmet. Incoming air is sanitized thanks to the built-in ionizer that purifies air from germs and bacteria and eliminates annoying smells, guarantees low electrical consumption while working in maximum safety.

Hyper ionizer
It is an electronic device that emits negative ions, these eliminate or reduce significantly bad smells, molds, bacteria, mites, etc.It uses the same system in nature and purifies the air by destroying most of the organic and chemical elements present. It is a natural disinfectant which, without any use of chemical products, sanitizes in an ecological and natural way.

Cold Air System
ASUGA does not need the heat to dry and sanitize the helmet, it is very fast with a max drying time of 20 minutes, thanks to a powerful flow of ionized air at room temperature.

Fast, light and hitech
Structure made entirely of anodized aluminium that ensures a minimum bulk, a very high impact resistance and a comfortable lightness.
Compact, very sturdy, but at the same time very practical to carry.

Delivered with a helmet bag made of technical fabric. The dimensions are designed specifically to accomodate this helmet dryer and a full-face helmet. With side pocket for visors, front and rear compartment, ventilation holes on the bottom, double high-resistance zipper and red velvet interior, prevents scratches to the helmet and ASUGA helmet dryer.

Drying time: Maximum 20 minutes
Fan speed : 3200 RPM
Air flow: 3.68 m3/min
Lightening: Switch on/off and ambient led light
Sizes: 400 x 265 x 100 mm
Weight: 1 kg power supply excluded
Power: Input: 100-240 VAC 1.5A @ 50-60HZ / Output: 12Vdc 4A


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