All about the karting seat

All about the karting seat

A go-kart seat may seem like a simple element to sit on while you drive your go-kart. However, it is an essential part of driving a kart! Choosing the right kart seat is essential for the driver's comfort.


Whether it is soft, rigid, plastic or fiberglass, the kart seat is available in several versions and adapts to all types of driving.


But then, why is the karting seat essential to karting practice and plays a decisive role in safe and efficient driving? How to choose the ideal seat and how to install it properly? ITAKAshop guides you and answers all these questions.


The kart seat: essential for driving


The kart seat plays an important role in your karting practice. Indeed, the position of the seat directly influences your driving.


Being well installed in your kart is essential for a good practice of karting. It is very important to choose a seat that fits you. The position of the seat is also adapted to the size of the driver. The pedals can also be moved away or closer to the seat for even greater comfort.


The driver can adjust the position of the seat, which will change the grip of the kart, depending on the track conditions (track with high grip or very slippery track). It is thus a question of choosing well its seat of karting and to install it suitably according to its needs of driving.


How to choose your seat?


It goes without saying that a well-fitting and comfortable seat is essential. However, if your karting practice is based on performance rather than leisure, the shape of the kart seat is more important than comfort when choosing your seat. Even if it should be noted that driving will be easier and more fluid with a seat that is at least comfortable.


If you prefer performance to comfort, it is possible to add foam to your karting seat to overcome any comfort problems.


When choosing your karting seat, you can choose for a more or less flexible seat. Several criteria should be taken into account:

● Your morphology


● Your driving style


● The chassis of your kart


We can advise you on the recommended position of your seat, and which karting seat to choose for for optimal comfort.


How to properly position and fix your seat?


The position of your kart seat is decisive for the performance of your driving but also for the good position and posture of the driver.


Thus, it is a question of respecting the position indicated by the manufacturer: note the dimensions provided by the latter. Respect these various points so that your karting seat is ideally fixed:


          Checking the manufacturer's dimensions:

     Distance from the stub axle to the rear of the seat

    The height (for example flush with the tube)


     The type of seat recommended by the manufacturer (soft, hard, etc...)


      ●     The number of stiffeners on the right and left side (they can be curved on the right for the engine part).


Contact ITAKAshop to get advice, and be sure to choose the ideal seat for your karting practice!

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