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The Mychron 5 S has a faster and more efficient processor. The new, more...

The Mychron 5 S has a faster and more efficient processor.
The new, more precise GPS as well as the faster integrated WIFI allow you to get the maximum of your data.
Noted: The accessories for the Mychron 5 S are identical to the Mychron 5.


Integrated GPS: The system takes advantage from an internal wide track database, in order to automatically understand at which track you are at, where and how many are the magnetic strips: without any further sensor or configuration you will automatically get lap times, predictive lap times and split times. GPS data, acquired ten times per second, are of course recorded with other signals in the internal data logger, in order to offer the possibility of a deeper analysis of your performance.

Robust housing with wider display: The new Nylon chassis with metallic push buttons guarantee even more resistance to shocks and water. The anti-scratch non-reflecting polycarbonate screen and the wider display ensure great readability.

Completely configurable pages: Define as many pages as you wish, showing graphic bars or just digits, via software or directly on your system.

Ambient Light Sensor: The Mychron 5 S provides optimum viewing in diverse lighting conditions: the display brightness is automatically adjusted according to the environment light.

Calculated Gear Number: In case your kart is a shift kart, you can decide to show the gear number, automatically calculated in a few hundredths of meters while you are driving.

Wide display with configurable multicolour backlight: More data require more space for looking at them. Mychron 5 S features a wide high resolution display with fully configurable backlight.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery: No problems with traditional batteries anymore: Mychron 5 S is powered by a dedicated rechargeable - and removable - lithium battery. It is long-lasting (about 10 hours duration) and easy to recharge, placed on its magnetic basement connected to the power adapter. The usual external power connection is available to connect to your karts 12v battery.

Shift Light and Alarm LED's: Five RGB shift lights can be configured for each gear, choosing LED colour and RPM threshold values which will turn them on/off. They also allow RPM monitoring in a glance. Even alarms are managed in a very flexible way: you choose the situation that generates the alarm, the LED behaviour (blinking frequency and colour) when the alarm appears and the conditions for its switch-off.

WiFi connection: While the gokart is stopped, download your data to your PC, look at the measures, upgrade your firmware, transmit parameters using the well-known Data Key or through fast WiFi connection.


- Mychron 5 S with GPS
- M10 water temperature sensor
- Extension wire for thermoresistor sensor (TR - water).
- Rechargeable lithium battery
- Battery charger (110/220V)

Fully compatible with existing Mychron 4 accessories.
Additional sensors can be added using the AiM Mychron Expansion.
Data is recorded to the internal 4Gb memory.
Dimensions : 137x88.4x46.9 mm
Weight : 340 g, battery included.


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