All about karting tyre pressure

All about karting tyre pressure

For optimal and safe driving, it is essential to check the pressure of your kart tyres before you drive your kart. This is even more important if you plan to drive outside in rainy weather! 

ITAKAshop advises you on karting tyre pressure in general and on karting tyre pressure for rain.


Why is the pressure of a karting tyre important?


Tyres are at the origin of your kart's steering: they influence braking, motricity, support, steering etc...

On a go-kart, the tyre pressure known as "cold pressure" depends on the quality of the rubber of your tyres. If your rubber is "hard", you must use high pressures. Conversely, if your go-kart tyre is "soft" it will require little air.


Increasing the pressure of your kart tyres increases the "slippage" of the kart. Your chassis tends to slide? You need to decrease the air pressure in your kart tyres!


Also, if you reduce the pressure of the kart tyre, it promotes grip on the track. The pressure of a karting tyre for racing will be all the more important to get a pole position!


Now you understand why karting and tyre pressure go hand in hand!


Karting and rain tyre pressure: what to do?


On a kart, in rainy weather, the pressure of the rain tyre is an essential element to check.


Indeed, your tyres play an even more decisive role: in these conditions, we advise you to overinflate your kart tyres in rainy weather. This way you reduce the risk of aquaplaning!


Rain tyres for karting are specially adapted to evacuate water and are designed with a softer rubber compound. However, the pressure of the rain karting tyre can be adjusted according to the water present on the track. 


Remember to check all the necessary settings of your kart before your race, and inspect the condition of your tyres, as they play a vital role in your safety!


Do you need help in choosing your tires and adjusting the pressure? ITAKAshop advises you!

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