Everything you need to know about kart maintenance

Everything you need to know about kart maintenance

Are you planning to buy a new or used kart, or are you already the proud owner of one? Whether you are an amateur or a professional kart driver, regular maintenance is necessary.


Take care of your kart and learn the best practices to keep your kart in good condition! ITAKAshop proposes you to go through the essential points to respect for the maintenance of a kart and the different components of a kart.


The importance of a kart in good condition


As you can imagine, when you buy a kart, inspecting the condition of the chassis is essential. Also essential is the bodywork: bumper, side pods, spoiler and nassau panel. They allow a protection and an aerodynamism of quality.


The general aspect of the kart generally announces the color with regard to the state of the other organs of the kart, and gives an indication on the maintenance of the kart.


Also important to check is the condition of the seat and the steering wheel. Identify if the seat is worn or with the beginnings of breakage, and if the steering wheel is damaged. It is also essential to check the condition of the chassis, that it is not twisted or cracked.


Finally, remember to check the conditions of your kart's wheel rims and tyres. A few marks are normal, but there should be no gaps!


How to maintain your kart?


There are a number of points that need to be checked in order to carry out kart maintenance. Even if the kart has more robust parts than before, regular maintenance is still required:


● Check the water level in the radiator

● Inspect all tightenings

● Clean all the kart's components to check everything

● Clean its ROTAX engine, or other engines you have


And as Rotax says so well "A clean kart is a fast kart!"


So, when you store your kart for a longer period of time, remember to empty the water from the radiator (for freezing), empty the fuel (carburetor, tank), open and clean the air box.


And don't neglect one of the most important parts of your kart by servicing your Rotax engine!


How much does kart maintenance cost?


If you have some knowledge of mechanics, you will be able to do the daily maintenance and cleaning of your kart yourself.


Nevertheless, there are a few things that may incur costs:


● The purchase of oils, greases and lubricants for cleaning your kart's parts

● Changing the tyres


The price of kart maintenance is therefore variable and influenced by your mechanical knowledge. But you can learn!


Do you need advice on kart maintenance? ITAKAshop guides you and offers a wide range of karting maintenance products specially designed to pamper your go-kart!

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