What are the different parts of a kart?

What are the different parts of a kart?

You are planning to refurbish your kart, you want to know more about the components of a kart? You are wondering about the accessories that are essential to your karting?


Many parts make up a kart. From the engine to the tyres and all the chassis parts (brakes, transmissions, bearings, bodywork, karting side pods, kart carburettor, etc.).


Not to be neglected in racing or leisure karting: some accessories that are not directly related to your kart are nevertheless essential, even when you are not driving! The karting carpets is one of these indispensable accessories for the paddock.


From the chassis to the kart carpets: comfort and safety on the track!


Karting side pods, bodywork... Parts to ensure road holding and safety


As a kart has no suspension, it must be able to absorb all the "defects" of the track.


The bodywork is composed of several elements that protect the chassis, the mechanical parts, and the driver of the kart.


Several components are included in the bodywork. Thus, the karting side pods, the spoiler, the nassau panel and the rear bumper are part of it.


The frame is the centerpiece of the chassis and ensures flexibility and torsion to guarantee satisfactory handling.


Finally, the front and rear axle have an influence on the kart's behavior, so that depending on the setting, the grip will be more or less important during cornering and braking.


Protect your kart's environment with a kart carpet


If you own a kart, you may know that it is now mandatory for you to place a protection under your kart in the paddocks. A kart carpet fulfills this function by protecting the floor from the aggressive effects of pollutants.


A good kart carpet will absorb oil, gasoline, dust and water!


Kart engine and carburetor: essential components


As you can imagine, the engine is an essential element for the good performance of a kart.


A kart is composed of a single-cylinder two-stroke engine for racing (and four-stroke for others categories).


A carburetor in very good condition, well maintained and corresponding to the category of engines used allows very good performance in leisure as in competition.


Essential parts to drive serenely


Some components of a kart are essential. A kart without an efficient steering system can compromise the driver's safety, prevent braking and lead to less efficient and slower steering. Be careful not to have any play in the ball joints.



A karting hub is an essential part for driving, and has as much impact on the safety of the driver. The wheel hubs of a kart are fixed in the center of the tire and rim and their good condition allows to have no vibrations when the kart is running.


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